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Summer is approaching fast, it’s almost time to get on your summer hipster clothes and block out those UV rays. There are many new hipster clothes on the hipster fashion scene so go get some new threads dude!

One thing that has been really popular over the past few years in the hipster fashion is chino shorts. As you can imaging, these are the alternatives to the hipster chino trousers that you see plenty of…
Hipster chino shorts are, just like the trousers, really versatile for allowing hipsters to wear what they want with them.

Hipster Fashion - Hipster Chino Shorts

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Seen in the picture above Hipster chino shorts can be worn even with boots. The shorts are rolled up slightly at the bottom to give an appearance of a hem.. Hipster Chino Trousers can also be rolled up to be shorts. Vampire Weekend have known to do this in a photo shoot for NME..

Hipster Fashion - Hipster Chino Shorts Rolled Up

These shorts are really popular for people who want to be smart but remain cool in the summer heat. They have been associated with geeks and nerds in the past and this is why the hipster fashion has adopted the look. Their art of turning an uncool thing into a cool thing is pretty cool! Hipster chino shorts are originally worn as part of the golfing uniform in hot weather. This is due to their light-weight material allowing golfers to swing without struggle.. (NOT THAT TYPE OF SWINGING YOU DIRTY SOD)

Cut off denim jeans is another popular hipster fashion. Skinny hipster jeans are worn in the winter and then cut into hipster shorts in the summer. As like hipster skinny jeans, these hipster shorts can be worn with more or less any other form of clothing. At the moment it is pretty popular to wear polo shirts buttoned up to the collar with hipster shorts. They also wear pumps like Vans Era / Authentic or Old Schools, Hi top trainers or even Dr Martin boots. Many colours are thrown in the hipster fashion mix like in the picture below showing brown denim shorts..


Hipster Fashion - Hipster denim Shorts

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Not only do hipster denim shorts have to be cut off but they can also be hemmed at the bottom like the image below. This is really popular in the hipster clothes wearing gangs in London at the moment. These hipster shorts can be made easily by cutting a pair of old skinny hipster jeans up and folding the bottoms. Most hipsters are creative and often do this but a lot of high street shops such as Urban Outfitters and Topman are selling these  as well as the other styles of hipster shorts.

Hipster Fashion - Hipster Shorts

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The good this about wearing hipster shorts in this glorious sunshine is hipsters can show off their hipster tattoos.. These are oven on the legs as most people with tattoos get their first on their legs as it is a safe bet! Maybe the hipster shorts are worn so high to allow people to notice their thigh tattoos? Who knows and I doubt we will find out too easily as hipsters do not admit to dressing in hipster clothes on purpose as they say it is their natural look…



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Hipster Chino Trousers

Whenever you head into any town or city, across the world, you can guarantee you will spot someone who is trying to pull of the hipster fashion wearing hipster chino trousers.

They have grown immensly in popularity over the past couple of years and are widely available in all the high street stores. The hipster chino trousers are made from a light twill fabric, usually a mix of cotton and synthetic although the really expensive ones are usually 100% cotton.

They originate from the Spanish-American war when they were part of the uniform and soldiers returned from the war and still wore them.

Hipster Chino Trousers

By mid-19th century Chinos were worn casually by men and woman and also the British and French military wore the trousers as they were highly durable and allowed comfort in tough conditions.

Hipster Chino Trousers

After the association with the war uniform, hipster chino trousers were then favoured by the preppy campus look and worn as an alternative for middle-class American college students during the 1940s. The preferred colour of the pants were Khaki but many other colours were also worn. Because of the prepp culture adopting the hipster chinos, they became heavily associated with the culture and are still widely identified to be part of the prep scene!

Preppy Hipster Chino Trousers

The preppy fashion is still extremely popular today and often seen in high school teen movies such as American Pie, 10 things I Hate About You, Jennifer’s Body and Shes All That. This is kind of ironic to say that Hipsters hate commercialised films but then again, Hipsters are ironic aren’t they?

Hipster Chino Trousers then started to gain popularity amongst other subcultures and music genres such as Hip Hop and nu-metal.. Artists such as Jay-Z, P-Diddy and Chino Moreno from Deftones have been known to wear the pants. These obviously were worn in a different way to the college preppy subculture, and were worn low down on the waist, developing the MC Hammer style.. But as you are probably aware, Hipsters do not wear them in this way but the Hip Hop subculture still exists and is going pretty strong.

The Pharcyde Wearing Hipster Chino Trousers

The Hipster Fashion has adopted the pants and developed them into an iconic item of hipster clothing giving chinos their own look. A good example is how Hipster Chino Trousers are often worn rolled up at the ankles, probably to show of any ankle tattoos or Burberry socks! They are available from all High Street shops now such as Topman, Urban Outfitters, River Irland and even Primark. They are available in all colours and styles. This is something that is against the politics of hipster fashion as they are against commercialisation so look out for them abandoning the hipster chino trousers soon enough and discover something else to put their crazy twisted spin on. They will probably revert back to skinny hipster jeans until an alternative is thought of.

Burgundy Hipster Chino Trousers

Before the commercialisation of the Hipster chinos, hipsters would wear them with all sorts of other garments due to their creative nature. They would wear them with Hipster Jumpers, Hipster Denim Jackets, Hipster Barbour jackets and even cut them into shorts for summer. Really short though to look like High School geeks in most cases. It is a very iconic look to see a Hipster in chinos with their Fixie Hipster Bikes in photos on the internet as this is the ideal image people have of the subculture. I wonder where the trend will be in five years time?

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Skinny Hipster Jeans

As we all know skinny jeans are a huge part of the hipsters fashion and are heavily associated with indie and alternate music although recently there has definitely been a blur in boundaries.
Skinny hipster jeans are worn by both male and females and are widely available in most high street fashion stores that sell hipster clothes in this day and age. Skinny hipster jeans have been around for a few decades now, well actually a few centuries….

The 1790s the style evolved from knee breeches which were typically worn high up the waist, tied around the ankles and put into boots. These slowly went out of fashion but the skinny trouser look remained but was not very popular…

By the 1950s the style had made a comeback when famous artists, actors and musicians such as Gene Autry, Marilyn Monroe, Roy Rogers, Cisco Kid, and Buddy Holly were wearing their trousers real slim right to the ankles. It was in the country music scene that skinny drainpipe jeans made a real stir as the birth of Rock ‘n’ Roll happened ( a speeded and more energetic style of country). Rock ;n’ Roll musicians such as Elvis and Johnny Cash started to wear skinny hipster Jeans also known as drainpipes, which suddenly created the ‘bad boy’ image that still exists today. This image also included the hipster leather jacket which we previously wrote an article on. Although skinny hipster jeans were popular in this era they were worn differently to the modern skinny hipster jeans as part of the hipster fashion due to them being worn a lot higher on the waist.

Buddy Holly Skinny Hipster Jeans - Hipster Fashion and Clothes

By the 1960s the drainpipe pants had grown hugely popular amongst most rock groups with The Beatles, the Monkees and The Rolling Stones wearing them. Audrey Hepburn was also taking kindly to hipster jeans as she obviously saw the coolness of the rock musicians. Bob Dylan was another famous icon sporting the pants, and it was pretty obvious by then that the ‘Mod’ culture had been born! However this was hugely in contract to the Hippy culture that had emerged.

By the early 1970s rockabilly bands (Country mixed with rock) and glam rock bands developed the started to rival the hippies and made a point of wearing skinny hipster jeans in a rebellious effort to kill the craze of flared trousers worn by hippies. By the late 70s when the punk genre developed, a new form of hipster trousers emerged in a Red tartan pattern. These were worn by many punk musicians and punk bands like The Sex Pistols, The Ramones and The Clash. These bands also were wearing hipster leather jackets as well!


A new spin on hipster jeans by the 1980s as musicians and bands were seen in  skinny acid-washed and stone-washed jeans, which were an alternate to spandex that was hugely popular at this time as well, especially amongst Glam Rock bands like Bon Jovi and Motley Crew. Bands that were wearing stonewashed skinny hipster jeans were of the thrash-metal, heavy metal and industrial metal genres, such as Slayer, Pantera, Metallica and Anthrax to name a few! Many of these bands were wearing high-top trainers such as Nikes and Converse with their pants which are another hipsters fashion in modern times.

Megadeth in Skinny Jeans Hipster

The early 1990s, skinny hipster jeans started to slowly die out as the grunge genre favored slightly looser fitting jeans and hip-hop started the baggier jean fashions such as carpenter jeans. MC Hammer is a prime example along with Dr DRE and Snoop Dog.

Hiphop Hipster Baggy Jeans

The 2000s have seen the emergence of ‘scene kids’ wearing skinny hipster jeans. This has quickly replaced the Hip Hop fashion (not totally though!) as this look has grown massively popular. The pants are now are worn in many colours and by 2004 most teenagers were walking the streets with the ‘Myspace’ look spurred on by musicians such as My Chemical Romance.

The jeans also became really popular amongst the skate scene and fixie hipster bike scene due to the convenience of being able to cleanly do tricks without the nuisance of baggy material interfering..

Hipster Skateboarder

Post 2010 we have seen most of these style combined and the boundaries of fashions have merged, making it hard to distinguish who is what or what is who… This is what most people call a hipster!

The pants these modern days are often worn with Hipster Denim Jackets, Hipster Blazers, and Hipster cotton jumpers as well as hipster barbour jackets.

Hipster Denim Skinny Drainpipe Jeans

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Hipster Barbour Jackets | Hipster Fashion and Clothing

Within the last 12 months Barbour Jackets have exploded with popularity and are now a well recognised hipster fashion item with many people referring them as hipster Barbour jackets.

The Barber range was originally brought to in 1894 when founder John Barbour opened J Barbour & Sons in the UK coastal town of South Shields. The shop was so successful that by 1908 John Barbour’s son Malcolm Barbour had produced the first mail order catalogue which genorated almost 75% of Barbour’s business by 1917 including international orders from Hong Kong, Chile and South Africa .

By 1934 the Hipster Barbour Jacket business was a well established and well-known company and it was this year Duncan Barbour a motorcyclist enthusiast introduced a motorcycling range of Hipster Barour Jackets which rapidly became a success and Barbour motorcycle suits were worn by almost all the British International teams from 1936 to 1977 when Barbour terminated involvement in the motorcycle clothing market.

Steve Mcqueen was an iconic Hipster Barbour Jacket wearer and has even influenced the company to bring out a range based on his ‘cool’ taste.

Hipster Barbour Jackets worn by Mcqueen

During 1939 to 1945 when Duncan Barbour was serving as a soldier in the war, Malcolm Barbour and Duncan’s wife Nancy ran the business. The Barbour Ursula suit (named after the U-class submarine) was invented by the pair which, for members of the Submarine Service became standard issue.

Between 1957 and 1964, the family who invented the Hipster Bourbour Jacket went though various family dramas… At age 48 Duncan Barbour died and Malcolm Barbour  took over the business again with Nancy and John Barbour who was Nancy’s 19 year old son. Then Nancy became chairman in 1964 when Malcolm Barbour died at 83. John became Managing Director of the Hipster Barbour Jacket company.

The well-recognised black and gold Barbour International badge created in 1980 and the famous motorcycling jacket was the first to have the badge.

Hipster Barbour Jacket being a big part of Hipster Fashion

By 1982 the Barbour company was given the second Royal Warrant by Her Majesty the Queen. You know that Europeans love our Royal Family and this prompted the subsidiary Barbour (Europe) Ltd.  founded in Germany which is located in Düsseldorf at present.
Margaret Barbour was honoured in June 1991 with the Commander of the Order of the British Empire for services to industry award.
The Hipster Barbour Jacket company won a Queens Award for Export Achievement in 1992 and in 1994 the J Barbour & Sons Ltd company was celebrating its well deserved centenary. Things were just getting better and better for the company as in 1995 Barbour was awarded a Queens Export Achievement certificate.
The Northumberland range of Barbour clothes, designed by Lord James Percy, won the Best Shooting Clothing Product in 2005 at the IPC Shooting Awards. Probably against Hipster morals as it glamorises animals being hurt and a lot of Hipsters are known to be vegan but that has not stopped the company having success in the Hipster Barbour jackets!

As of 2009, Foubert’s Place, Carnaby Street, London now has the Barbour heritage store so if you are looking for a Hipster Barbour jacket then get yourself down! Alternatively check out the Hipster Denim Jacket page…

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